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Well it's been a year now that we've been open and I'm excited to say that it's official... we are happening! Selling my first item to an anonymous customer... (and then the same item again, an hour later!,to another anonymous customer... unfortunately my app didn't remove the sweet little Yorkie after it sold the first time!), ( or I hadn't/haven't yet set it up to do so, is more like!) in the Shopify store, becoming one of the dealers on the "Talking Antiques Shop", on Facebook, and local sales are actual and a reality! It's been a difficult year though, several losses in the family have saddened our hearts and perhaps slowed down the pace and  tempo of researching provenance and listing our pieces...

But now the tempo has returned and the pace is picking up! :) While I may not have been listing, I have however been shopping! I have so many pieces to showcase! Today's featured piece is a beautiful condition W.H. Grindley flow blue dinner plate in the Osborne pattern. The mark contains a globe and steamer boat dating it between 1891 and 1914. The addition of the word England was used from 1891 onwards.

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