Tupper's Antiques & Collectibles

My name is Tracey Tupper; my family moved to California from Hove in Sussex England when I was 3 years old. I was educated in both England and the United States. My interests always in history, and the arts. I trained as a hair stylist/colourist, again in both countries; and worked in Seattle, Washington, St. Louis, Missouri and San Diego & Carlsbad, California over the last 36 years. I have always collected older trinkets and ornaments, unique jewelry, books and art...Lately I have realized that my home was becoming over run by my hobby and decided to open a shop. Tupper's Antiques & Collectibles was born a year ago.

I can be contacted on Facebook or Shopify. I am also one of the dealers listing in the Talking Antiques Shop on Facebook. If you leave a message on any of these sites, I will get back to you